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Introduction to Mixed Media Encaustic Painting

Instructor: Christine Terrell 

Painting with warm, pigmented beeswax is incredibly fun and, since the wax acts like a glue, it's the ultimate medium for incorporating a variety of materials. Warm wax flows like paint, cools quickly and is translucent, allowing you to build up interesting layers of color and texture without waiting around watching paint dry.


In this class you'll jump right in and explore this wacky, waxy world. We'll start with the basics of how to prime surfaces, mix colors, fuse between layers and how to achieve various textures and effects. From there we'll quickly move on to the really interesting stuff like collage, embedding found objects, sgraffito, accretion, photocopy transfers, stamping, and stencils. Along the way we'll also learn how to safely use the tools and materials, as well as a bit about color, composition and design. 


Encaustic is a wonderfully forgiving medium and perfect for the absolute beginner, so no experience or artistic "talent" is required for this class. Students are always happily amazed by their own creations and will leave the class with several small paintings. 

 All supplies and tools will be provided. Lunch is included

Students always receive a 20% discount on encaustic medium and Encausticboards and a 10% discount on all other tools & supplies.

Tuition: $175

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