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Flameworking Classes
Below you will find the flameworking classes we offer and their descriptions.
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Guest Instructor Classes
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 Fall In Love with Frit

with Kris Schaible

In this 2 day class we will unlock several different techniques that will help you to create beautiful beads. To give us the most options for exploring COE 96 frit we will use a single transparent frit in the morning, learn how to use it to bring out the best of each frit color and blend.  After lunch we will add one or two opaque’s to the mix and without the restrictions of compatibility we will venture into the exciting world of reactive blends and fall in love with frit.

This class will provide all of the COE 96 glass you will need but feel free to bring along any other colors you have, just be certain they are compatible. Since this class is about learning a technique, not a specific shape or bead design, please bring along your favorite tools and shapers. Basic flame working skills are recommended since you will be making a lot of beads in this class. They don’t need to be perfect beads but being able to make a basic bead shape will allow you to get the most out of this glass.

During this class we will also be practicing heat control and keeping your bead shape from growing too large.  Day two we will combine several techniques and layer our new skills over top of each other to create depth in our beads, there will be lots of time after lunch day two for me to work with individual students to assist them with any challenges

Tuition $395.00 

50% deposit at time of registration with the balance due 30 days before the class.


March 28th-29th, 2015






glass horses     


glass horses




This workshop is for intermediate and advanced students. We will be sculpting bas-relief style horse beads from photo reference and instructor-drawn examples. I will be teaching how to break down the shape and perspective of horse poses and how to apply those shapes to sculpting in a bas-relief or low-relief style on a bead base. An overview of horse facial and neck anatomy will be covered to help you create realistic and lifelike horse low-relief beads. I will also be teaching the students how to use specialty ceramicist tools to facilitate and ease sculpting in a low-relief style. The horse breeds that will be taught in this class are a “generic” horse, a mustang and an Arabian with a stylized “dish face”. Students are encouraged to bring photo reference they’d like to refer to during the class. Some photo and diagram reference will be provided to the students to better illustrate shape, anatomy and composition breakdown.



In this class students will learn:

  •      The fundamentals of bas-relief bead making.
  •      An introduction to special dental tools and their usage (tools will be provided).
  •       Choosing the appropriate glass to mimic actual horses and their coloring.
  •       The anatomy, proportion and perspective of life-like horses.
  •      And, of course, how to create lifelike horse bead pendants in bas-relief in soft glass! 



Students should be comfortable with the following:

  •       Sketching and/or drawing from photographs with instruction.
  •       Forming soft glass beads into tab base-bead pendant shapes.
  •       Working with stringers.
  •       Previous working knowledge of dental tools would be helpful.


Tuition $450.00 

50% deposit due at time of registration with the balance due 30 days before the class.


April 18th-19th, 2015




Joy Munshower portrait


Joy Munshower

I graduated from SJSU with a degree in Design with an emphasis in Ceramic Studio Practices. After college, I lived in Germany for a few years, explored most of central Europe, and then returned to graduate studies at CSU Fresno for Sculpture.

I spent most of my twenties as a professional sculptor selling my bronze wildlife sculptures through the Nature Company, Natural Wonders and Nature Crafts. At that time, I worked with Joe Vaca of Honor Excellence in San Francisco as Head Fabricator on many bronze sculpture commissions. 

For almost 20 years I worked in the construction and interior design industry... selling and designing tile & stone, cabinets, doors, hardwood flooring, granite & millwork. I also consulted part-time as an interior designer and supervised tile and stone restoration and remodeling crews.

In 2010 I stepped down as Head Production Artist / Manager of Merchandising and Dealer Customer Support for Fireclay Tile in San Jose, CA. Fireclay is a handmade tile manufacturing company that has developed "green" (recycled content) ceramic and glass tile for residential and commercial use. 

Recently I've become a supporter and volunteer at Higher Fire Clay Studio in downtown San Jose. I help with the on-site gallery and occasionally show my work there. I am also an advocate for Beads of Courage. They provide innovative arts-in-medicine programs for children coping with serious illnesses.

Currently I am enjoying my time and freedom creating unique artwork through:
   Tile Goddess ~ my Tile & Stone site.
   Joy Munshower ~ my Lampworked Glass site.







 Holly Cooper

Fantasy Flora and Fauna

  May 2nd-3rd, 2015

 Here is a chance to be inspired to create your own stylized and patterned creatures and floral forms using Holly's special modular approach. Step by step we will learn how to build a complex pattern using basic stringer techniques. 


In this two day class we'll stretch our imagination and explore new design territory. Holly will guide you to push the limits of stringers and dots to create your own magical animals and plants. We will use basic colors and bead shapes to better concentrate on the stringer designs.

(prerequisite- some stringer experience. Intermediate/advanced)


Tuition: $425.00.  Lunch is included both days










Irina Sergeeva

Irina comes to us from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Find her on Facebook!


Butterflies and Flowers 

Oct. 2nd-3rd, 2015  (FULL)

Oct. 7th-8th, 2015


In this lesson we`ll learn how to make three beads: simple butterfly with two wings, more complex with four wings, two of which will be made separately and then attached to the body of the butterfly, and will make the large hawk moths with silver antennas. We will learn the technique of working with palladium, gold foil, gold mica powder (and learn how to fix it on the bead), as well as consider the most advantageous combination of foil and enamel. Will use murrini of silver glass and learn how to draw a thin strings veins on the wings of a butterfly. Also, I'll show you how to make the edges of the wings visually more subtle and elegant.

Flower lesson:

In this tutorial I will show how to make flowers like real. We`ll begin with a poppy, considering the various options for fixing the flower in the necklace, then will make the peony, learning how to mix colors for a more realistic effect. Also we`ll make an orchid, using the technique of blowing and finish our lesson with the large rose.

Tuition is $450.00  Lunch is included both days



Ladies in a Flowered Hats 

Oct. 4th-5th, 2015

In this lesson we will learn how to do three beads: Lady in a flower hat, Girl with balloons and a Lady Ocean brooch. We`ll go through all the steps of creating beads - from sketches, making the flower murrini, sea star murrini, several twisties (simulating the knitted texture, for the waves) to the gradual construction of the whole bead. We will learn to draw faces, using only thin stringers and to make incredibly vibrant and beautiful lips. Also I will tell you the secret of beautiful hair, full of life.

Tuition is $450.00  Lunch is included both days.








Holiday Glass Blown Ornaments
Instructor:  Jim Berry


A Blue Moon Holiday tradition continues! Join Jim Berry as he teaches you how to blow German style glass ornaments in this fun, semi-private class.  Only four students per class gives you personal attention.  Bring your family and friends for a fun afternoon. 




Each student receives 10 glass tubes and an assortment of colorful glass frits, stringers, and other decorative bits to personalize your creation.  It might take a little practice but after awhile, you will be making some lovely one of a kind ornaments to keep or give as presents.  We even supply the metal hanger inserts.  After kiln annealing, your handmade ornaments will be ready to pick up and hang on the tree! 


No previous experience required. 


Beginner Blown Glass Holiday Ornaments

10 Ornaments and hangers

2 hour session

Tuition:  $75


Sessions are by appointment. 
Schedule by phone today.
Hurry!  Spots fill fast!

Blue Moon Glassworks: 512-380-0770

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