Classes - Glass Fusing

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Introduction to glass fusing example
Introduction to Fusing and Slumping
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Students will learn the basics of fusing glass together in a kiln and slumping it in molds to achieve various shapes. Instruction includes cutting glass, how a design can be realized with the use of different forms of glass, understanding the firing of a kiln and other cool techniques.

Students will design and complete 5 projects: a sampler tile, a 6" square plate, a 7" round plate, a night light or sun dangle, and the last project will selectable by each student. 

Tuition: $175
(Tools are provided, as well as materials for the first night's project. Students can expect to spend approximately $100 for glass for the 4 remaining projects.)
This 5 week class meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm.
Fusing open studio example
Open Studio For Fusers
Come collaborate and create during this dedicated studio time just for fusers! And then take advantage of sharing the costs of kiln space with others! Studio time is on a Wednesday from 4-7pm.

Projects taking up to a square foot, will be $15 to fire. To fill up a 13" square kiln shelf, will be $25 to fire. You can select to do a Full Fuse or a Tack Fuse.
Tuition: $35
All tools, grinders, and table space will be available for you.

Next studio will be December 8th, 2021 from 4-7:00pm.

Call 512-380-0770 to register.

Mushroom Slurry 
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Using glass powders, you can create your own unique fungus mushroom top. You will learn to safely handle glass powders (every one is used to wearing a mask now!), which you will then mix with water and drop on a round piece of fusible glass. You can then rake the powder slurry around to create interesting patterns.

After it is fused in the kiln, you will be shown how to glue a copper stem onto the bottom and stick it in your garden.

No previous fusing or glass experience required and all glass, tools and copper pipe are provided
Tuition: $95

Prickly Pear Fused Glass Plant Stake
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
This class is perfect for the summer! Make your own prickly pear cactus – very draught resistant, just requires a lot of heat in our kilns!

You will learn how to cut to a pattern, use fiber paper to elevate and puff up, baking soda for cool bubbles, hi-temp wire to attach beads for blooms and make prickly thorns! If time permits, you can turn the glass scrap into mosaic elements for your 3 ½” pot that will also be provided.

This one-day class requires basic glass cutting skills, and some fusing experience would be useful.

Tuition: $95
All materials provided, including frit and stringers to decorate your cactus even more!

Class cactus gardens!

Fusing retro warp example
Retro-Warp Glass Fusing Class 
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Create a retro-style slumped glass plate with wavy squares of glass shapes that seem to create transparent pools! 
Glass cutting skills are not necessary but definitely a plus!

Tuition and materials is $95.
Students "warped-out" with some beautiful designs!

Fishy Fusion! 
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Here is the best kind of that you can cut up, clean and spice it up without any of the smell!! 

In this intermediate fusing workshop, based on a pattern book, “Warm Glass Plates and Platters” by Dione Roberts, you will have 4 different fish patterns to choose from: a large trout, a large mackerel, a small trout and a koi. You'll also learn a neat trick for hanging your glass art.

The materials and supplies for this class will include a fish pattern, a water-jet cut Bullseye COE 90 Tekta clear fish base, and all the glass and glass embellishments to spice up your fish. Tools will be available, but if you have a good glass cutter, feel free to bring it.

This is a 2 night class. The first night, you will cut out your pattern, select your glass and build the colored layer. In the second night, you will embellish your fish with glass frit, stringers, confetti, and paint (optional). 

Your fish will then be full fused and slumped on a double-curve mold that we like to call the fish tail mold!

Tuition: $195

Basic glass cutting skills are required and fusing knowledge is recommended.
 All materials and tools will be provided.

No 2 fish every alike!! Love the imagination of our students!

Fused Glass Snowflake
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
In Austin, we can dream of seeing snowflakes, or  we can make our own! In this fun 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to cut glass strips and make diamonds to make a very unique snowflake.

Next class will be
Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 from 6:30-8:30pm.

Tuition and materials is $95.

Please call 512-380-0770 to register.
No 2 snowflakes alike! Beautiful student creations, with colors not found in nature!

Fused Glass Tree Ornaments
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Fusing holiday ornament example
Come have some fun making your own fused glass ornaments for your tree!

Ages 13 and up will enjoy making 2 ornaments that will be treasured for years!

Tuition and materials is $95

This is a Wednesday night class, December 22nd, 2021, from 6:30 - 8:30pm.

Please call 512-380-0770 to register.

Coral Bowl and Coral Votive  
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
This is a real fun 2 night class! The first night, you will be shown how to lay out strips of glass in different geometric patterns that when taken to a full fuse in the kiln, will result in a cool coral bowl! The second night, you can add more strips (if needed) to fill in gaps. And then sift a layer of glass powder on to it and it will be fired again. This night you will have time to lay out a smaller coral design that can be draped into a candle votive or left flat for a cool wall hanging!

Tuition: $105
All materials provided. And no experience required.

Really cool "coral bowl" class projects! They give an all new meaning to coral!

Fusing picasso style dichroic pendant example
Engraved Dichroic Pendants: Picasso and You!
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
In this fun 2-day glass fusing class, you will get to design 2 dichroic pendants that you build and then engrave with your own artwork!
Picasso loved to bend the rules and boldly manipulate shapes and colors! So on one pendant, you will get to bring out your inner Picasso! On your second pendant, you learn how to use ink stamps on the dichroic surface to help create a design. On the first night, you will build your pendants and they will be fired in the kiln. Then the second night, you will then use a dremel to engrave your design in permanently onto your pendants! Then they will be fire-polished and bailed!

Tuition is $105
Includes all glass and use of tools. (if  you have a dremel, feel free to bring it)
Got ink stamps that you love? Bring them or use one of ours! Or better yet, freehand!!


Fused Glass Tealight Candle Votives
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Yet another little twist to our stringer vase! In this 2 hour class, you will get to make 2 candle votives for small tea lights. One will use 5" long glass stringers to make a mardi-gras woven appearance!  And then the second votive will be a single sheet of sheet glass that you will decorate with glass elements. 
No glass cutting or fusing experience required.

Tuition: $95
‚ÄčAll glass and materials provided.

This is a Wednesday night class, December 1st, 2021, from 6:30-8:30pm.

Call 512-380-0770 to register.
Some class projects that students really enjoyed and could use to light up the room!

Fused Glass Drop Ring Class  
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
The project in this class can either turn out to be a candle votive or a cool vase, depending on how your design drops through the ceramic "donut"  in the kiln! You will get to embellish a 7" circle with glass elements, which will then be fired and slumped.
No fusing knowledge is needed, and all glass and materials provided. (drop ring metal stand sold separately)
Tuition is $95.

Mod Plate Glass Fusing Workshop
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Fusing mod plate example
Come join the groovy Mod Squad in this retro-style glass fusing workshop! Students will get to select from several colors of glass to make a multi-color plate which will be fused and slumped in a mold.

This is a great way to get familiar with the Morton Cutting System! All glass and materials provided.

No fusing knowledge is needed, but prior glass cutting experience is a plus.
Tuition: $95
(Tools and materials are provided)

Fused Glass Pocket Vase
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Fusing wall vase example
Create a beautiful fused glass pocket vase to display your freshly cut flowers! Decorate with various colorful glass embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind wall art piece.

We have a nice selection of dichroic glass pieces that can be purchased to make it even more vibrant!

Tuition and materials is $95


Fusing art strip example
Fused Glass Art Panels 
Instructor: Terry Mothersole

This is a fun 2-hour instructional warm glass workshop, which will show you new ways to make unique glass art! You get a quick introduction into fused glass, and then then you get to make a 12" fused glass art panel that will look great in a window! You can even cut the panel into 2-3 smaller ones!

No previous fusing or glass experience required and all glass and tools are provided.

Tuition and materials are $95.

Fusing stringer bowl example
Stringer Vase Glass Fusing Workshop
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
A new twist to our Stringer Bowl class! This project will be a draped votive or vase that has a very realistic woven appearance! You will have the option to make it water-tight by using a layer of glass on top of the colorful glass stringer layers! 
No class cutting or fusing experience required.

Tuition and materials is $95.

Fusing mosaic dichroic pendant example
Fused Dichroic Pendants 
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
New twist to our dichroic pendant class!

Design and build 2 of your own pendants with vibrant, patterned dichroic fusing glass. This is glass that takes on 2 different shiny colors, depending on the light.

In this class, you will create your design with small fragments of dichroic glass,  then cap it with a clear piece of glass to make it smooth, like the surface of a cabochon!
This class is a very fun and relaxing 1 1/2 hour workshop for beginners!
This is a Wednesday evening class, from 6:30-8:00pm.

Tuition and materials is $95.

Please call 512-380-0770 to set up private group class.

Fusing youth mosaic dichroic pendant example
Youth Fused Mosaic Dichroic Pendant Class
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Fun fused glass workshop for ages 10 and up! Bring your friends and build a very colorful mosaic glass pendant that you can pick up the next day and wear!

No glass experience required!

Tuition and materials is $45 per student.

Call and schedule a group party of 7-10 kids!

Fused Glass Sun Dangle Class 
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Fusing sun dangle example
Time to celebrate spring and summer with some fun yard art! In this workshop, you will build a contour fused sun dangle with our Spectrum 96 kiln glass.

Think of what you could dangle at the bottom! If you have a tiny glass bottle (clean, label and paint free), bring it…we will flatten it in the kiln! Make it sparkle with specialty dichroic glass for purchase ! Fun!

Tuition and materials is $95.

Previous glass cutting experience would be helpful.

Fused Glass Picture Frame Class 
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Fusing picture frame example
Memories of special occasions need to have a special frame. Make a fused glass picture frame to display that special 4"x6" photo of a recent wedding, prom or graduation. Or take a photo of yourself and give it to Mom for Mother's Day! Lots of fun ways to decorate the glass frame with glass embellishments.

Tuition $95.

Suncatcher Glass Fusing Class
Instructor: Terry Mothersole
Let the sunshine in! And shine through an embossed fused glass suncatcher that you get to design! Great class to take with with friends, ages 10 to 100 are welcome.
This is a 2 hour workshop.

Tuition and materials is $40.
Fusing suncatcher example