Mindy Graber

Mindy Graber
Being a lifelong advocate of expression through imagery, I am very invested in helping and supporting others to connect to their own unique creative expression. Growing up with a father who was an artist, creativity was always inherent to what I believed to be a balanced approach to everyday life.
I earned my bachelors degree from the California College of the Arts. I then went on to earn my masters degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Art Therapy.
Mindian Designs is my mosaic business, and I work out of the Thornton Road Studio complex in south Austin.
My work emphasizes the integration of hand cut glass, stone, and mixed media. I create wall pieces, residential installations, jewelry, and other one-of-a-kind custom designs. I am inspired by colors, textures, patterns and dimension.
I enjoy experimenting, and tend to include fiber, fabrics, paper and assorted natural and personal objects in my work.

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